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Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Training

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Bring Ayurveda into your everyday life

Sevanti Institute offers online Ayurveda wellness education with you in mind. Explore for self and family wellness, and deeper life insights, or train to practice as a professional Ayurveda Wellness Counselor. Join us as a drop-in student or for NAMA PACE credits. Choose live webinar events or stream course recordings at your own pace. Learn from our world-renowned faculty of Ayurveda instructors from the comfort of home. We also offer Online Partnerships with RYS Yoga Schools to bring our Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Program to your community. Our interactive style of teaching the art of Ayurveda wellness is intuitive, cost-effective, professionally presented, and fun.


What will you learn?


Ayurveda Foundation Program
42 hours

We will introduce the primary working theories of Ayurveda, including the Panchamahabhutas (5 Elements) and Tridosha (3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha). You will be introduced to Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology, the science of prakriti, our body constitution, the transformative power of Agni in digestion and consciousness, how to maintain digestive balance, the role of ama, or toxins in our health, and ojas, the sacred sap of life and longevity. The intention of this overview course is self-knowledge (vidya) and enlightened self-care (swasthavritta).

Ayurveda Immersion Program
510 hours

Go deeper into the living wisdom and practice of Ayurveda with over a dozen of the most talented teachers in the US.

The Ayurveda Immersion Program is comprised of more professional trainings, offering the knowledge required to become a clinical Ayurveda Wellness Counselor. The Ayurveda Immersion  will take the foundation trainings deeper into the advanced realm of Ayurveda subspecialties taught by master instructors in each field. The 17 weekend modules are offered exclusively via live webinar events with options to watch recorded replays.


Ayurveda Clinical Supervision Program
170 hours


The Clinical Supervision Program is an essential step to refining the practice of Ayurveda wellness counseling. Learn from those with years of experience, as well as from your peers. Clinical supervision offers valuable insights into your work as a counselor, helping you to improve your capacity to assess Ayurveda doshic patterns and to offer the most effective treatment strategies to support your clients. Level 3 training includes the clinical supervision needed to complete 50 Patient Encounters (PE) as part of the educational requirements for AWC practice competency. Level 3 trainings also offer profound opportunities to deepen the clinical growth process and prepare students for clinical practice and professional certification exams.

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