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Ayurvedic Skincare



Discover the benefits of customized skincare

Healthy, radiant skin is a sign of a deeply nourished person. Skincare and massage are viewed as medicinal in Ayurveda, and using natural oils and herbal infusions to address imbalances is an essential practice.

We have partnered with The Ayurveda Experience to bring you the highest quality Ayurvedic skincare oils available. Receive 20% off your order with code ADV-296942.


This set contains 5 ml (0.17 fl oz) bottles of : 

1. iYURA Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring

2. iYURA Paraania Oil

3. iYURA Manjish Glow Elixir

4. iYURA Kesaradi Oil

5. iYURA Prinourish Skin Enriching Superfood Serum  


iYURA Kesaradi Oil pairs with Manjish Glow Elixir to complete your day and night skincare regimen.


This set contains 15 ml (0.5 fl oz) bottles of: 

1. iYURA Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

2. iYURA Trahnna Heart-Leaved Moonseed Protectionist Body Soother

3. iYURA Vyam Yoga Oil

4. iYURA Shamanri Young-Energy Body Oil

5. iYURA Dyumati Awakened Soul Blend


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