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Mindfulness Meditation

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Bring Meditation into your life and community

We proudly partner with Dharma Moon and Tibet House to offer this 100-Hour Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training.


This training combines practical teaching skills with secular Buddhist philosophy. 

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This teacher training is a way to both deepen your own meditation practice and train you to skillfully teach mindfulness meditation to others.

Meditating in Nature

Time Commitment

This training consists of five weekend trainings, held online from the comfort of your own chosen space.


Open to All

 It's perfect for beginners, long-time meditators, and anyone seeking to integrate teaching meditation into their existing practices.

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Live Program Dates

March 22nd – June 9th, 2024

Meditating on Bed


Tuition for all 5 weekends: $2250

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Lotus Pose


Graduates of the training receive a mindfulness meditation teacher certification from Dharma Moon and Tibet House, the cultural center of the Dalai Lama.

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What will you learn?

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Level 1 - Intro to Mindfulness & The Path of Meditation 

Meditation is not just a means of calming down or becoming more productive. It is a practice that can open the door to genuinely life-changing insights and lead to a profound new way of relating to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

This introductory level of Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training serves as a comprehensive introduction to the foundational Buddhist meditation practices.

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Level 2 - Guiding Groups

During this Level, we will be shifting our emphasis away from exploring the view and history of the Buddhist tradition and focusing on how to give solid, cohesive mindfulness meditation instruction in a group setting.

While there will always be room for individual style and expression, we will emphasize a consistent and cohesive approach toward presenting mindfulness practice based on the methodology in this teacher training.

Guided Meditation

Level 3 - Providing Personal Instruction

In this segment of the training, we will introduce core principles and skillful means for presenting meditation to individual students and explore ethical guidelines in a 1:1 setting. 

In small group sessions, you will be presenting mindfulness meditation instruction and leading a simulated initial individual class.


Level 4 - How to Give a Dharma Talk

Giving a dharma talk is one way we can deepen our understanding of dharma - or things as they are - and of the methods we can bring to bear to skillfully develop clarity, insight and compassion for ourselves and others.

Due to the diversity of each participant’s background, experience, and interests, rather than prescribing a particular curriculum of topics to follow, you will be presented in this training with a formula and methodology for how to choose dharma topics that are relevant and meaningful to you and your students, and how to present them skillfully and effectively to others.

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Level 5 - Sealing the Practice & Closing Ceremony

In this part of the training, we will focus on how to bring your teaching practice out into the world. There will be a final review & summary of the entire program as well as presentations on the business of teaching meditation and understanding teacher ethics & skillful means.

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