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Guided Meditation

Find it. Keep it.

A modern approach to Ayurveda and Yoga in Westchester County, New York.

“Ayurveda is over 5,000 years old, yet still allows people in the modern world to find lasting physical, mental, and emotional balance.”

Casey Roberts,
Founder of Peak Balance Wellness

  • Personalized lifestyle plans & seasonal routines for lifelong wellness

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  • Design & refine your personal yoga practice for your individual goals

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Yoga Class

Take back control of your wellbeing

In modern life, dinner can be grabbing a slice of pizza on the run to catch a packed train. And while that dinner sits like a brick, the night can be spent staying up late scrolling. And after not fully resting or digesting, it can be difficult to deal with people and projects the next day.


Peak Balance Wellness is about finding simple lifestyle choices and practices that support your unique needs and goals. Ayurveda and Yoga provide essential techniques that have been used since the dawn of humanity for anyone to find their optimal balance.


Learn techniques to help you stay fit while you de-stress enough to finally get the restful sleep you need without harsh meds. Find the best foods for your needs and activities, so you can eat (and drink) what you like and stay energized. By listening to yourself and your environment you will begin to find and keep your peak balance.

What People Are Saying

Casey demonstrates a profound ability to provide Ayurvedic guidance.

James in Massachusetts

Casey consistently and intelligently weaves Ayurvedic considerations into his yoga practices.

Dana in New York

Casey showed a thorough comprehension of Ayurvedic principles and effectively incorporated Yoga Therapy.

Julia in New Jersey

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